Song Lyrics of Soeur Sourire,   The Singing Nun

Dominique     In the Key of G
Dominique, nique nique
over the land he plods along
and sings a little song
Never asking for reward
He just talks about the Lord
He just talks about the Lord

At a time when Johnny Lackland
over England was the King, Dominique
was in the backland,
fighting sin like anything

Now a heretic, one day
Among the thorns forced him to crawl
Dominiqu' with just one prayer,
Made hi hear the good Lord's call
(To Chorus)

Without horse or fancy wagon,
He crossed Europe up and down
Poverty was his companion,
As he walked from town to town

To bring back the straying liars
and the lost sheep to the fold
He brought forth the Preaching Friars,
Heaven's soldiers, brave and bold

One day in the budding order,
There was nothing left to eat,
Suddenly two angels walked in
With a load of bread and meat

Dominique once in his slumber
Saw the Virgin's coat unfurled
Over friars without number
Preaching all around the world

Grant us now oh Dominique
The grace of love and simple mirth
That we all may help to quicken
Godly life and truth on earth
I Would Like to Be      Je Voudrais
Key of Dm

I'd like to be just like the wind,
singing everywhere
I'd like to be just like the wind
dancing everywhere
Like the wind that praises the Lord
Like the wind

I'd like to be like the white cloud,
Fluffy in the sky
I'd like to be  like the white cloud
In the sun
Like the cloud that seaches for the Lord
Facing You....

I'd like to be like the flame
from a wood fire
I'd like to be  like the flame
from a wood fire
Just like the flame that rises, Lord
Dancing for You

I'd like to be like a guitar
A singing heart
I'd like to be like a quitar
A vibrant heart
Like a guitar  that You fill with the strength
Of  Your song

All the Roads    Tout Les Chemins
Key of A
Every road through hills and valleys
Leads to heaven by and by
And the wind that swepps the alleys
Points a finger to the sky

A song on my lips, a song in my heart
I go my merry way
The sun in my eyes, The sun in my heart,
Lights up my step day to day 

Many friends are on the highway,
And they're waiting for a smile
Walk along my friend on my way
Holding hands a little while

There are times of storm and sorrow
When the goal drifts out of sight
But the road leads on tomorrow
To the land of peace and light

Then we'll all be reunited
Singing one eternal chord
For we know we've been invited
To the mansion of the Lord

Put On Your Pretty Skirt     Mets Ton Joli Jupon
            Key of A
Put on your pretty skirt my soul
We have a date, we have a date
Put on your pretty skirt my soul
The Lord you love is waiting for you

In the early morning hours
When  the dew is on the rose
A  small gift of Your love
And I am satisfied!

When noon is full of wonder
It's a joy to be alive
I feel golden in the sun
of a friendship close and warm

Among the twilight stars
When You are all around
You make me fall asleep
In the peace of your arms. 


Jeannine Deckers, or as she preferred to be called, Soeur Sourire, like to hitchhike from the University at Louvain back to Fichermont on the weekends.  Her songs reflect her life experiences.

Jeannine Deckers, ou comme elle a préféré s'appeler, Soeur Sourire, comme pour faire de l'auto-stop de l'université chez Louvain de nouveau à Fichermont les week-ends.   Ses chansons reflètent ses expériences de la vie.
Sr. Luc Dominique   A member of the Dominican Laity  and a musician.

Sr. Luc Dominique, membre  des Laïcs dominicains et un musicien.
Sister Adele    Soeur Adele     
Key of D.
La, la , la, la,   la, la, la
La, la, la, la,  la, la
La, la, la. la,   la, la, la,
La, la,  la, la, la, la. la.

Here is my guitar from Barcelona
Full of the soul of ancient Spain
Born of a tree in Catalonia
And of that mainly rainy plain

You'll like her form, gracious and slender
The sunny color of her skin. 
You'll love her voice, mellow and tender
Her fiery beat will make you spin

I well remember when I met her
Hung in a showcase upside down
Right then and there I had to get her
From that old shop in Brussels town
Adios Espania and seguidillas
Adios toreros full of flame
No more sombreros and mantillas
Sister Adele shall be her name

One shiny day I heard God's calling
Oh yes, my Lord if You say so!
I packed my bags without much stalling
Took my quitar and said, Let's go!
Ever since then through every weather
Sister Adele stays at my side
Day in, day out, we sing together
Praising the Lord far and wide.

Sister Adele is never lonely
She helps me keep my hope up high
God is her love, her one and only
I know he voice can reach the sky
Someday up there God be willing
I'll be a guest in the great hall.
And for the dance won't it be thrilling
Sister Adele will lead the ball!
The Seagulls    Les Mouettes
The seagulls , two by two
Are going in a row
To take a dip
In the blue, blue sea
Mister Gull is fishing for eel
And missus Gull is roasting
In the noontime sun
Grandpa Gull on tip toes
Feet in the water and pants upturned
relives his younger years.
Jean-Francois and Jean-Oouis
are riding their amphibian boat
And shout their joy at the top of their lungs
On His balcony in the skies
God leans down and smiles
At the happiness of His children
With You       Avec Toi
With You I shall go all the days of my life
On the roads of all the world
With You I shall go all the days of my life
With my brothers through out the world
You reached out Your hand
And my footsteps are in Your steps
I'll follow You, Oh Lord
What ever the road may be
With You I shall go all the days of my life
On the roads of all the world
With You I'll serve all the days of my life
All my brothers in all the world
With You I'll serve all the days of my life
All my brothers in all the world
And I'll go to those
Toward whom You lead me
To sing, oh Lord
Of Your love and Your joy
With you I'll serve all the days of my life
On the roads of the all the world
With I shall go until the end of my life
With my brothers throughout the world
Just like You I want to give myself
To lose and use myself
for the greatness of my God
Of Your kingdom of friendship
With You I shall go till the end of my life
On the roads of all the world
With you I'll go all the days of my life
On the roads of all the world
With You I shall go all the days of my life
On the roads of Eternity
At the gate of Paradise
You'll be expecting my life
In Your hands oh my God
I shall give up my soul
With You I shall go all the days of my life
On the roads of Eternity.
Little Pierrot        Petit Pierrot
Little Pierrot goes his way lightheartedly
And gathers little daises
Spring is laughing in his curly hair
And gives him a festive look
The golden poplars
stretch to the sky
They are searching for the sun
La, la, la
The meadows and the orchards
All jump for joy
La, la, la
The happiness of the Lord
Sings in the world
And the flowers in the in fields
La, la, la
A little pink cloud
In the setting sun
Slowly falls asleep
La, la, la
My Little Inspiration   Ma Petite Muse
My little inspiration is You oh Lord
Your happiness melts in my heart
My little inspiration is You oh Lord
You fill me with happiness
The meadows all offer me a thousand
All the Clairs de Lunes have heart shaped
The city streets all smile at the sun
All of man's joys are the color of heaven
The stars all wink their eyes at me
The rainy days have all stopped mourning
All the evenings fall asleep
to the lullaby of the birches
All the mornings drink of Your May wine.  
Hallelujah!            Allehuia!
Like an autumn leaf that is drifitng
Throught a chilly November day
I was restless and drifting
Never happy,never gay
Hallelujah, for Your grace has saved me
For Your love dear Lord in my heart
For the happiness You gave me
Hallelujah for the wind that sings
in the mountain
For the sunshine that lights up the sky
For the water in the fountain, Hallelujah!

I walked in sadness
and my song was troubled
I walked in sadness
Seeking peace and happiness everywhere

By chanced in my adventures
One evening God I have found
To Him I give my solitude
And His friendshiop saved me